Welcome to the R-House

Human Robot Interaction at IU's Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

Who are we?

The R-House Lab was founded in January 2010. It is directed by Prof. Selma Å abanović and hosts researchers, students, and visitors interested in studying Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) design and evaluation in the lab and field. Lab members explore the connections between HRI, human social behavior and cognition, and the emerging social meanings and consequences of robots through a variety of methods, including:

  • prototyping and in situ evaluation of intelligent interactive technologies
  • field studies of robot use in everyday use contexts
  • experimental studies of psychological and cognitive aspects of HRI
  • interviews, surveys, and mining online data to gauge people’s perceptions and expectations of robots

The diverse projects in the lab are united by a shared interest in discovering the social mechanisms of HRI that can be implemented in future robot design, as well as in developing a culturally and socially situated understanding of HRI in everyday use and its broader consequences.

More details on specific projects, including publications, software, and design materials, can be found on research areas on this site.

Our Work in the Field of HRI

Research Work

In the R-House we focus on Human Robot Interaction (HRI), but what exactly is this field? At the R-House we love to learn about how robots impact our everyday activity. Specifically, we are curious about the cultural studies of robots design, socially assistive robots, affective design/perception of robots, and group effects from HRI. If you are curious about learning more about our research areas and publications